When you picked up your puppy, it had already gotten 2 shots of Neopar (the best parvo vaccine available, and depending on it's age, it has had a series of 5 way vaccines. required to protect the puppies from disease.

Your puppy was raised in our home, with our family, inter acting with our everyday life. it was not raised in a kennel, so it has already had human socialization, as well as been well socialized with our other animals. it has even had the opportunity to bark at our miniature horses and pygmy goats and our parrot.

Your puppy was weaned onto Eukanuba Puppy Petite breed, we only feed dry food. we do not mix it with canned food. Your puppy is eating well, with no fear of it going off it's food. We do not allow pups to leave if we have any concern about it's eating habits.

When you take your puppy home it will have a State of Florida health Certificate showing that it has been vet examined and has been shown to be healthy.

You will need several items when you take your puppy home,
We suggest that you feed your puppy 3 times a day up to 3 months old and 2 times a day until 6 months and older.Feed only what your puppy can consume in one sitting. You want a high quality food for your puppy, check the ingredients, if the first ingredient is Corn stay away from it, after all our dogs are carnivores, not herbivores, I have never seen a dog grazing in a corn field. We do not recommend calve hoofs as chew toys as these can splinter and get stuck in the stomach and intestines We do recommend, Kongs, Booda Bones and if you are going to give raw hides make sure they have the knots on the end and are at least 8 inches long.
Be sure to watch your dogs weight, overweight dogs can get an enlarged heart and leg problems. do not let your dog get fat!.

We believe crate training is the most effective way to house break your puppy, Until you are sure your puppy is housebroken, let your puppy sleep in it's crate, do not get a large crate so your puppy will have lots of room, stay with a small metal crate. When your puppy wakes up take it immediately outside to potty. when the dog does relieve it's self, give your puppy lot's of praise, then it can come in under your supervision and play. when playtime is over put your puppy back in the crate. Take your puppy outside quite often at first and as he get's the idea, extend the time between potty breaks, feed your puppy in the crate and 10 minutes after he eats take him outside to potty, then praise him and give him a treat when he eliminates outside, they respond much better to positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement.
your puppy will gradually get the idea and become a dependable member of the household.

It is important that you take your puppy to the vet to establish a relationship with your vet and the dog in case of a medical emergency, it is hard for the puppy and the vet if they are treating a puppy they have known nothing about in the past.

It is now being said by many people that we are over vaccinating our pets, I too once thought this,. however recently I changed my mind, see Parvo Make sure your keep your dogs vaccine schedule up to date.
The dog as it gets older should have regular check ups and teeth cleanings. if the teeth gets tarter build up it will cause infections in the gums causing Periodontal disease and the relating infections can affect your dogs hearts.
Make sure your dog is on Heartworm medication, we recommend Revolution as it is a topical medicine put between the dogs shoulder blades once per month and takes care of Heartworm, fleas, ticks and internal parasites. Speak with your vet about his.

We strongly recommend you putting a permanent identifier either on or in your puppy, We offer this to you for a nominal fee, to cover our costs, We recommend the Avid Microchip. This chip is inserted by a syringe between the shoulder blades of your puppy and is very quick and permanent, most vets and animal shelters now days have a reader that will give them the microchip number and a simple phone call to Avid will send your beloved dog back home to you. The other alternative is to Tattoo which we can also do for you but this method is much more tramatic for your puppy, and Tattoo's can fade over time, much less the hair grows over the tattoo and is hard to see, if you would like your dog permanently identfied please let us know before your pup leaves us. As we can do this for you as long as the pup is still ours. I was a vet tech for many years and have alot of experience giving injections.