As a reputable breeder, I get asked quite often how do I determine what I will charge for a puppy, or Why does the puppy cost what it does, I am going to try and explain the pricing of puppies from reputable breeders.

First you have to realize that breeding is a money losing venture, if it is done correctly. We don't set our price on what we have monetarily put into each individual puppy, but what it costs us to run our breeding program as a whole.

When breeding small breed dogs, as in our situation Yorkies and Papillons, the average litter size is 1 to 3 puppies.

You have to consider the dogs we purchase for our showing and breeding program, they are bought from the best breeders and are not inexpensive, and if we import from overseas the cost is very high.

We have to consider all the medical costs in our breeding program, if all goes well we do not have to pay a veterinarian for a C-section at 3am on a Sunday morning. but that is a factor that we all must consider, and plan for.

The cost for medical care for our expectant mothers to insure a healthy litter,

We cannot charge more for a puppy just because in was a c-section puppy, we have to average this out over many litters.

We have the cost of the genetic testing, that must be done on all breeding dogs and bitches, this is not inexpensive.

We have to consider the day to day costs, of grooming supplies(combs, brushes, shampoo's conditioners, nail clippers, and let's not forget the endless supply of toys), a high quality food and vitamins, crates, crate pads, heat and air conditioning if you have a kennel. some larger kennels have to consider the kennel help to keep the dogs happy and healthy.

Then you have consider the costs of showing the dogs, to confirm the high quality of the dogs to improve the breeding and bloodlines of the dogs, Just a 2 day show can cost hundreds of dollars.

Each puppy has to be examined by a vet and vacinated before it can leave our home, and obtain a health certificate, this used to be inexpensive, however now it is not.

If it is a breed that has to have it's tail docked, like a yorkie then you are looking at additional expense per puppy.

The bottom line is you can buy a Volkswagen or a Lexus, yes the Volkswagen will run, but it is not the best vehicle and not the best warranty, the Lexus is a quality built vehicle that has a great warranty and peace of mind.

If you buy from a reputable show breeder, you can rest assured you have a healthy, quality pet or if you buy from a backyard breeder, a pet store, a flea market or just a mom and pop breeder, you are flipping a coin, could be good, could be a disaster, with lot's of future expenses and heartaches.