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06/14/10 With the Orlando dog show cluster coming up, everyone is looking for and hoping for major wins, So it really confuses me why someone would send out an email saying that there will be only 5 dogs and 4 bitches at the show and there will be no majors long before all entries are in and the show is closed, this just discourages people from entering the show, therefore cutting down on the amount of dogs entered, I know of 2 people who did not enter this show with their papillons, because of this email, and since the person sending out the email is obviously not psycic,(sic) then why would anyone who would like to enter listen to this hogwash, especially since there ARE majors at the shows. this person was obviously wrong, my point being don't listen to her or anyone concerning entries and if you want to enter a show please do, then maybe just maybe we will have more majors, this person is doing the exhibitors more harm than good by far. this is not just hurting the majors, this is doing harm to the club giving the show, by cutting down on entries and revenue that the club need in order operate effectively
Remember not everyone that shows reports their entries to this woman. I know for sure I don't and won't. There is a reason that the show superintendents do not make public who is attending a show before the day of the show, this keeps people with grudges from not coming because another exhibitor will be there. I don't want my entries announced to everyone of her friends my entries are my personal business not hers. If you are smart you will have your name removed from her email list, and keep your entries private, after the shows close then you can make your decision whether to attend or not. .

During the weekend of August 8th and 9th 2009 at the Toy Dog show in Orlando a long time breeder of Papillons was overheard talking about a pregnant bitch she had that had produced large litters and that her bitch is now pregnant, She was bragging how all the puppies are sold and paid for already, even before they are born, This is totally ILLEGAL in the state of Florida and calls to mind the ethics of this breeder, Florida has a lemon law for pups and it states that no puppy shall be offered for sale before the age of 8wks old and if the buyers of these pups were to report her to the state veterinarians office, this breeder could face legal charges. The breeder cannot claim ignorance of this law, if they were ethical in their practices they would have researched the law in Florida in order to abide by all the state requirements.

11/16/09 I don't understand why people don't have a backbone, if they read something on my website they don't like they don't contact me, they contact a friend of mine, like they can do something about my thoughts and opinions. it just amazes me, They know what I write is true or I wouldn't publish it on this site, so they won't ask me why. the best way to stay off my website is to honor your commitments and promises to me, that is all I have ever asked, but when you don't then don't be upset when you see your name here. If in the future you have something to say, then say it to me, don't copy and paste to friends of mine, who by the way are ethical and honor their promises, that is why they are still friends and I hold my friends in high esteem. anyone that knows me knows I can be your best friend or your worst enemy. .
I have started this blog, in order to voice my opinions about what is going on both here at DawnDee and at dog shows, both relating to my breeding program and others, as well as dog legislations and anything else that may come to mind. basically my thoughts, feelings, and desires
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